Hello world! Well, Hello random internet dude!

Heck I must be in a good mood today. I just wrote my first blog and it was epic and full of wisdom and the world just had to read it. Then I absent mindedly held my right mouse button and moved my mouse to the left and thus navigated away from the page. “Huh?” I hear the collective cry. Well the culprit is Opera’s ‘mouse gestures’, which strikes me as an odd feature which has since been disabled. Actually learning the gestures before enabling the feature might have been a good idea. But honestly an MSN buddy introduced it to me and it sounded cool and I wasn’t really in the mood to look any further into it than that. Having said that I think we’re all guilty of a little errant right-mouse-button click-age and mouse movement from time to time, whether we know Opera’s various mouse gestures or not. At least the more wild of us are.

So yes I must be in a good mood because I’m re-writing the whole blummin thing! In fact right now, right this second I’m in a riotously good mood. This is something of a rarity for me – hence the title of this blog, which I may or may not change. Its pretty plainly descriptive of what I intend to write about. Depression is my primary interest. Not from a medical point of view, or an academic point of view. No, its just that the black dog visits me often (though not as intensely or as frequently as it once did) so I feel I know him much better than I’d like. My interest in gaming (primarily PC gaming) is not at all disconnected. But more on that later.

I don’t think I’m any sort of authority on either subject but I’ll splurge my thoughts on you unsuspecting internet folks anyway.

I also kinda like music, but I’m even less of an authority there. But I might just try spread the word on some lesser known artists. Perhaps.

Time will tell really. Honestly I’m expecting this particular venture to frizzle out real quick. But may be, just may be, I’ll keep it going. It’d be good for me I’m sure. This illness has managed to stomp on any creative urge I once had. It robs motivation. And I’m quite bitter about that 😛 . So if you happen to enjoy what you read then do comment away. “Matthew, let’s have more of this sort of thing”. Something along those lines. Such encouragement would be more than helpful.

Well I started vaguely and purposelessly surfing the interwebs as is my wont. So let’s close here. Here’s a rather funny comic for you to enjoy. Until next time dear reader! I’m off to play a computer game at 4.20am. When I’ve been feeling meh which I have been of late (in spite of this temporary surge of positive energy) my sleeping pattern goes fairly wild.


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